Career ending dunks

Written on July 30, 2020
Categories: sports

The NBA is back! We had two games tonight and both of them were pretty close even though players looked a little bit rusty. I felt pretty entertained, to be honest, I mean, how could you not be with all the virtual crowd? It’s pretty sweet what Microsoft Teams accomplished for the NBA.

The LA battle needed a few celebrity virtual fans in the front row but other than that, I thought it was pretty good..

To celebrate the NBA’s return, I’d like to share a few historical dunks where the defensive players’ careers either simply ceased to exist or the players got wildly posterized.

Let’s start with the number one. Allow me to introduce the DUNK OF DEATH. To this day, we haven’t seen anything more disrespectful. It’s so crazy that Vince Carter had to formally apologize to the French player Weis that he literally flew over. Weis has a different interview many years later where he talks about why and how this dunk ended his career.

The next one is almost as good! Shaq destroys Chris Dudley’s career.. I mean just look at this, this is so painful to watch.. If I were Dudley, I’d just ask the coach to sub me.. No point in keep playing at this point.. Poor Dudley.

I ran into this next one recently on the documentary “The Last Dance”. Yes, we are going back to the legendary Chicago Bulls times. May I present you Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing. Enjoy (note: there’s a similar one by Michael Jordan over Ewing but Scottie’s is far better, sorry GOAT)

Next up is from the good old SuperSonics- Shawn Kemp! The NBA administration, please, hear us and give us our team back!

One more dunk I remember from The Last Dance is MJ over Mutombo. There’s also a nice little backstory here. Apparently, during All-star break Mutombo was making fun of Michael about how he never actually dunked over him.. Later that same year, MJ gives him what he asked for..

Alright, let’s get back to the modern era. We have two dunks (well, technically three)

I think the best one from the recent era is Blake Griffin over Pau Gasol (twice). You can see the suffering on Gasol’s face. Please do not miss Andrew Bynum’s face at 1:11 mark.

And finally, here’s one from the FLASH. Playoffs edition.

BONUS: This hasn’t made the actual list because unfortunately the dunk wasn’t quite complete.. Watch how Ja Morant missed the chance to end Kevin Love’s career in 2019

That’s it! I’ve been meaning to make this compilation for some time so I’m glad I finally finished it.. I sincerely want to come back to this post and add new ones if we witness any.. and who knows maybe in the bubble. Go BLAZERS!